Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Six Points Podcast #1

Click here to download the first Six Points Radio Show/Podcast, an mp3 that highlights the artists from the Monday, April 11 Velvet Lounge show.

What is a Podcast? A Podcast is basically an mp3 file that people can download onto their computer and into an iPod or mp3 player. Technically, an actual Podcast uses as RSS feed to send the mp3 file out to anyone who subscribes to that Podcast with a podcast aggregator. So, someone could record an mp3 file each day of their own radio show and then the RSS feed would be accessed by all subscribers to that show through a Podcast aggregator. The subscribers can then listen to the Podcast on their computer using iTunes or another player, or they can put it on their iPod or mp3 player to listen to whenever they want. Click here to learn more about Podcasts.

If you have a Podcast aggregator and would like to download the Six Points Podcasts, you need to have your aggregator get the feed from:

For those not familiar with Podcast aggregators, they are "a tool to subscribe to RSS feeds which supply downloadable files" according to DopplerRadio.net, home of the Doppler Podcast aggregator, which you can download on their website.

Check back soon for more Six Points Music Festival Podcasts.